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Navigating Through COVID-19 Together

To our valued customers and community:


Thank you for your continued support. The safety of our staff and the people that shop at our stores are our top priority.

It is our duty that we keep everyone in the workplace safe, as well as by keeping to all COVID-19 enhanced protocols to ensure a safe and pleasant shopping experience for all. With physical distancing measures in place and maximum capacity set up at each store, we ask that everyone be patient and kind to one another.

As a friendly reminder, both of our stores offer curb-side pick up. This method of shopping/pick up is available to those who pre-order or would like to shop curb-side on a daily basis.

Customer Responsibility


  • Please follow all directional signage and do not cut across barriers or designated lineups.

  • Please sanitize your hands, hand sanitizer is available immediately upon entry.

  • Be purposeful and efficient with your shopping, we do encourage online or phone order with at least 24 hours notice to ensure that your order is prepared exactly the way you want it.

  • Reusable bags and containers are not permitted at this time.

  • Masks are mandatory as per the Region of Waterloo by-law.


  • You are feeling unwell or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

  • You have been in close contact with anyone who is sick or is being tested or has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

  • If you have travelled outside of Canada within the last two week.

PLEASE BE PATIENT AND RESPECTFUL with us and other customers as we navigate our new business model. It may not be the same shopping experience you have had in the past, but was all need to be willing to embrace the new "normal"

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you again for your continued support. We can all get through this together.

Stay safe, stay strong and stay kind.

Staff Protocols

As stated above, it is our commitment to ensure a safe working environment for everyone. All of these protocols are followed by all staff so that they may continue to work and operate safely in our shops.


  • Each employee pre-screens by using the website prior to the commencement of their shifts.

  • Employees must wear protective PPE during all shifts; face masks and/or face visors.

  • Proper hand washing and sanitizing thoroughly before and after assisting a

    customer and always when re-entering the workplace.

  • Counter surfaces to be sanitized following a customer purchase.  

  • Gloves must be worn while serving customers.

  • Proper dish-washing procedures are followed. Once all dishes are washed then

    placed in the bleach water and soaked for 1 minute prior to drip dry.

  • Social distancing with other staff and customers.

  • Remind customers to use hand sanitizer upon entry to bakery.

  • Ensure debit machine is sanitized following use.

  • Remind customers to not open freezer and to ask for assistance.

  • Ensure customers follow all social distancing floor signs.

  • Maximum capacity for customers at each location.

  • Front of showcase sanitized on a regular basis.

  • Sanitizing all equipment and common area utensils including but not limited to

    fridges, pie press, etc. on a regular basis and following use.

  • Sanitize plexi-glass .

  • Notifying employers immediately if at any time staff are feeling unwell, experiencing COVID symptoms or if they have been in contact with someone that is experiencing COVID symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

For more details regarding on how we are navigating through the pandemic, you can click on this button to see our COVID-19 Safety Plan.
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